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Company Reveals Research On a Product That Kills Bacteria and Viruses

A company out of Richmond, Virginia, is announcing research on a patented product that could be a breakthrough in helping our country and the world deal with the very real concern of pandemics because of uncontrolled viruses and bacteria. For more information about the Company, and its products click here.
To obtain these products, click here.

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A Silver Lining for Women's Health
by Sherrill Sellman, N.D.

Being a woman isn't easy. The world of feminine hygiene is fraught with a plethora of discomforts and health challenges. The health statistics say it all: 80 percent of women will be exposed to human papillomavirus (HPV); nearly 75 percent of all adult women will have at least one genital yeast infection; bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection Click here for more.

Breakthrough –


The following article has been revised and updated because of the emerging of the Ebola Virus and the threat that it poses to humanity. The objective of this web site is to present innovations that can benefit society. We have known about this technology for over 10 years and now the country of Sierra Leone has announced that it has been used by them to successfully treat 500 people with Ebola. In regards to the information in this article, which is extensive in content, we ask that you read it. Please do not automatically receive it or reject it; but verify it, and the principals connected to it for yourself, because it could have an impact on the health and safety of you and your family: Supporting links to videos and news articles are at the bottom of this article.

New research has been released on a patented product that could be a major breakthrough in helping our country and the world, deal with the very real concern of pandemics because of uncontrollable viruses and bacteria. It is a nano silver nutritional supplement that has been tested against hundreds of strains of bacteria and viruses; including some of the deadliest strains known to man that even super antibiotics cannot kill. SilverSol, which is the name of the technology and the product, has safely killed every bacterial and viral organism that it has been tested against, without fail, including: Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Malaria, MRSA – the flesh eating bacteria, E. coli, the SARS Virus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis Type B. It has even successfully killed H5N1 (Bird Flu Virus) which is so deadly that comparing H1N1 (Swine Flu Virus) to it is like comparing Bubonic Plague to the common cold, and it has successfully killed the HIV/AIDS virus.

Now a new potential pandemic is on the horizon, the Ebola Virus. This virus was first recognized in West Africa and now, because of the nature of how fast it can incubate and be transmitted, it poses a legitimate threat of being a virus that succeeds in doing what recent modern day viruses have failed to do: which is kill large segments of populations around the world. The research information in this article gives a compelling reason for how SilverSol can offer a solution to stop this scenario.

To effectively state the case for Silver’s capability to kill viruses and bacteria, its history must be given. In essence, SilverSol is not a breakthrough because of its content; silver has been known for thousands of years as an element that is exceptional at killing bacteria. Farmers and cowboys in the Old West used silver dollars to kill bacteria in milk and water. In India today, and a thousand years ago, silver foil is placed in food and eaten to kill bacteria before it can harm the body; In fact, over 605,000 pounds of silver foil is consumed in India annually because of its humid climate and the lack of uniform refrigeration.

This fact contributed to a study by scientists at Pennsylvania State University, regarding the safety of silver for killing bacteria and viruses. Dr. Rostum Roy, a professor at Penn State, along with seven other scientists and professors from other leading universities, authored the study, “Ultradilute Ag-Aquasols with extraordinary bacterial properties”. In it he states, because of the history of India and other countries in using silver orally for killing bacteria, “This epidemiological evidence that silver is not toxic in any way needs no further comment.” In the MERCK Manual, called the Bible of diagnosis manuals for doctors and scientists, silver is the only heavy metal not listed for causing heavy metal poisoning. The EPA has approved nano-particle Silver as a surface disinfectant, yet a person could take 200 times the normal dose of it and not be harmed by it. Dr. Roy’s study also researched the cause of argyria, a condition where the skin turns blue from ingesting too much silver. It was discovered that silver in liquid form, not nano-particle Silver, caused this problem, and that in order to contract it, one would have to consume at least over 380 8.oz bottles of 10 ppm silver a year, or over one bottle per day. One bottle of “SilverSol” when used according to directions, lasts for one month.

A number of negative articles have been written about colloidal silver but the breakthrough that "SilverSol" has to offer is in the way it has been formulated, which is a patented process. The silver is not just in liquid form, it has solid nano or microscopic particles in purified water, which has been subjected to an electronic charge. This charge represents this patented process and it does not allow for argyria, or other negative side effects associated with common colloidal silver to occur; no bacteria or virus is resistant to it, yet amazingly it does not harm the good bacteria in the human digestive system. It only goes after destructive bacteria and viruses.

Research has also proven that all of the problems and potential negative effects associated with conventional colloidal silver do not apply to this product. Actually, comparing "SilverSol" to conventional colloidal silver is as illogical and irresponsible as comparing a Ford Model T to a 2015 Ferrari. Colloidal Silver can be dangerous when it builds up in human tissue and it can cause more problems than just argyria; it can also cause kidney failure, liver failure, immune system failure, headaches, allergic reactions leading to skin rashes, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, stomach upset, and neurological damage, including seizures.

SilverSol” was created to safely kill viruses and bacteria without those side-effects and now an article released on April 23, 2013, by The Wall Street Journal, gives further confirmation why it does. It was about a study by American Bio-Tech Labs. The study was the first ever double-blind human ingestion study on nano-silver, which proved that the product has no negative effects on any system in the human body, and a small amount of nano-silver is more effective than large amounts of colloidal silver. That is why “SilverSol” is more effective at 14 ppm (parts per million) than regular colloidal silver that is potentially dangerous at 100 ppm. Over one million bottles has been sold globally to hundreds of thousands of people and no one has ever become sick or experienced any side effects from it.

A study for a solution to the Ebola Virus was conducted shortly after 2000 by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, an agency within the U.S. Department of Defense whose goal is to reduce the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction. The study was titled “Novel Nanotechnology Based Antiviral Agents – Silver Nano-Particle Neutralization of Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses” – the technical description for Ebola. This agency and the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, observed Nano-Particle Silver quickly and efficiently KILLS EBOLA, at only 10 ppm. This study was declassified in 2009, and it is, beyond any doubt a definite prevention and treatment process for the Ebola Virus.

With this latest study a veritable library has been amassed of more than 300 major reports, studies and test series, all completed on nano-silver technology by more than 60 different universities, government/military labs, private institutions, clinics and hospitals in North America – Europe – Asia – and Africa. This activity has taken place for over 10 years and all the evidence points to the same conclusion: the nano-silver formula in “SilverSol” absolutely, without fail, safely kills every bacteria, virus, mold and yeast it has tested against, including the most lethal known to man. “SilverSol” has no more effect on drug absorption than water and it makes antibiotics six times more effective.

Other government agencies have recognized the effectiveness of Nano-Silver; the EPA, FDA, and the Veterans Hospital Association. In a report in 2008 by CNBC, the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes published a study that revealed Nano-Silver's effectiveness in killing the Bird Flu and AIDS viruses. The country of Ghana designated it as a legal drug because of its ability to cure Malaria. Singapore conducted a Wound Care Study that revealed it was three times better for healing wounds and killing bacteria than conventional treatment methodology.

According to Dr. M. Natalie Achong, an OB/GYN, in the July 2007 edition of Ebony magazine, Human Papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S.; it infects more than 6 million Americans annually, it is the primary cause of cervical cancer and gynecological cancer death. It comes in various forms and the vaccine for it does not protect against all of them, and it does not treat patients with existing infections. In 2006, Canada issued a patent for “SilverSol” as a liquid and as a gel (which can be applied on the skin and also be safely ingested) and recognized the research for it killing the Human Papillomavirus.

What has become another major concern with bacteria and viruses is how they are now in our food delivery network. According to Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine, anti-biotics have been fed so frequently into the animals that are bred for food that bacteria and viruses have become resistant in them also. Mr. Jim Ellis, Assistant Managing Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, states that since this practice began in 1940, now 80% of all anti-biotics goes into food animals instead of people. Dr. Emily Senay, a contributor to MSNBC, also states that from 2009 to 2011 the amount of the anti-biotic tetracycline has increased in livestock by 22%. Consequently, now two million Americans per year get sick because of resistant microbes and annually 23,000 die.

Over 30,000 staph infections occur daily and 100,000 people die every year in the US from infections that they contract in hospitals, because bacteria and viruses have mutated around the ability of super antibiotics to stop them; like MRSA –the flesh eating bacteria. Patients have had to submit to surgery to the point of disfigurement and mutilation, in order to save their lives. Conventional processes require waiting for the human body to develop anti-bodies from antibiotics and vaccines to neutralize the germs from spreading. These "super bugs" have evolved where the antibodies cannot stop them.

The issue of mutation or “drift”, a medical description of this process, has become especially serious concerning flu viruses. Between 4,000 to 50,000 Americans die every flu season, but in 2009 there was a major concern generated about a possible flu pandemic predicted to spread around the world, due to the virus mutating around a prepared vaccine, and duplicating the flu pandemic of 1918 that killed about 50 million people globally. The H3N2 virus circulating for the current 2014 and 2015 flu season has mutated around the vaccine that was prepared to stop it six months ago, and now close to 70% of the cases that contract it will not receive any type of protection from this virus. This has now produced a full blown flu epidemic around the country.

Vaccines are developed by projecting how viruses will evolve in the future and when they mutate, those projections can become erroneous and the vaccines are ineffective. Another issue is the side effects that come from taking them: they are described as being mild to severe, but if one examines the outcomes of those that have experienced it, they can be seriously debilitating. Some vaccines contain the ingredient Thimerosol, which is a derivative of mercury, a dangerous toxin.

Now the Ebola Virus is looming and there is concern about the possibility of it being weaponized due to terroristic activity. We do not know what are the next possible bacterial or viral outbreaks that can potentially reach pandemic levels, but it is clear we cannot handle them as we have Ebola. There is no definite vaccine that is prepared for it; and there have not been clearly defined strategies to safeguard healthcare professionals or the public. No link in the chain that is our healthcare system is getting a passing grade on this. A crisis occurs when people are dependent on contemporary technology to solve a major problem, but it fails and at a time when we can least afford it to do so.

A report by the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that evaluates health care efficiency and effectiveness, cited their study which found that the US health care system is the costliest in the world, but under performs relative to many other industrialized and developing nations. A treatment for Hepatitis, the drug Sovaldi, costs $84,000 and the drug Humera, which treats arthritis, psoriasis and colitis, can cost $2,200 per month. These are examples for why US spending for drugs reached $329 Billion in 2013. This type of expense is causing insurance companies to limit the number of people who will have access to new expensive drugs, so they can save money.

A month’s supply of a 16 oz. Bottle of New Silver Solution costs less than $30; preliminary reports indicate this could treat one person with Ebola, while the cost for treating Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol for the virus was reportedly close to $1 million each. True innovation is represented by technology that gets better and costs less. The ability for people to protect themselves from catastrophe cannot be deliberately placed beyond their reach. We are seeing some of today’s new wonder drugs become tomorrow’s national lawsuits because they can cause adverse side-effects. If America, or any country, is going to make healthcare viable and available, high-cost and low-quality treatment outcomes can no longer be acceptable.

We have attached videos and reports that details how this technology works in this article; like the one by Dr., Rima Laibow which gives her assessment of how Nano-Silver is effective in treating Ebola. Alhaji Alpha Kanu, an official for the government of Sierra Leone, gave this point blank assessment of SilverSol after a successful clinical trial with 500 victims of Ebola in his country, “This works, people are getting better.”

Finally, if people are going to be helped, this cannot be politicized or held hostage by special interests. We need an intelligent, selfless approach to this issue and it is based on the formula that Innovation + Collaboration = Solutions. Sadly, this formula has not been operating as it should in all areas of politics and commerce. Market share, corporate profits and political opportunity cannot be allowed to take priority over saving lives, and society needs people operating in these areas that understand this. We need SOLUTIONS, NOW.

In light of how serious this issue is, it only constitutes intelligence and common sense to examine this information about "SilverSol" because Ebola and other pathogens in the future, could develop into life or death issues on a major scale. For us the developers of this site, our concerns about a technology or product are; does it work, is it affordable and is it safe?

Information about the product, the research, and how they can be obtained is available by going to the links and web sites that are listed below:

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