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What is the value of innovation? Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, the renowned scientist and astrophysicist, answered that question eloquently when he was asked what was the value of the space program. He stated, “NASA transformed the culture of the USA in the 60's to be one of innovation and discovery. When you have that as part of your culture you innovate; and when you innovate you are responsible for birthing entire new economies that drive your nation's wealth. At that time there were no jobs going over-seas because they didn't know what we were doing. You have to innovate where tomorrow you do something you did not do today. That's the culture we need to resurrect from that era.”

That is the goal of this web site. It was created specifically to help the poor, the middle-class, the elderly, our veterans, and municipalities; by providing intelligence about innovations in technology, education, health, and business; to create jobs, to rebuild the American economy, and other economies. Innovation results from “thinkers” continuously probing for better SOLUTIONS, and an intellectually receptive market place. We have an excerpt in our Introduction article of New York Times Columnist, Thomas L. Friedman, when he interviewed the Harvard based education expert, Tony Wagner, discussing his assertion for society's urgent need of “critical thinking that leads to problem solving.”

Many times innovation seems far-fetched at first glance because it conflicts with our preconceived thinking, and many ideas that seem “exotic” and “futuristic” are not necessarily practical. Our definition of “Practical Innovation” answers three questions in the affirmative; is it affordable, does it work, and is it safe? We want to make you think because innovation is not just about electronics and computer chips. Our objective is to present various breakthroughs and methodologies that can be used immediately; to empower people financially, and to help them make informed decisions in their best interests. Practical innovation can do this and examples of it are throughout this web site. In light of the turmoil that crippled our economy, we need information that provides real SOLUTIONS that comes from Innovation and society cooperating. Individuals and organizations that do not meet this mandate or facilitate it, will not be discussed on this web site.

What we don't know is hurting us. It it is causing us to needlessly lose our wealth, our health, our loved ones, and our lives. We as a society cannot afford to spend hours being entertained but only a few minutes being informed. Some information is too important to abbreviate, especially, with so many issues facing our nation and the world. We ask you to please take the time to read about the innovations that we have posted; because of the effort involved in researching and verifying their accuracy; and because they could provide SOLUTIONS that will help you while helping to move the country forward. Thank you for visiting us and we hope it is an experience you find to be beneficial every time you do.