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New Energy Company Ready to Stimulate Jobs and the Economy ...Right Now!

From Over two years ago, the concept for this site was developed with the hope of finding technology innovations that could help the country in multiple areas especially when the need for them would be the most urgent.  more ...

NACA – Innovatively Saving the American Dream:
Providing Consumer-Friendly Mortgages &
Stopping Home Foreclosures

Besides job development, there is no other category that is more crucial to the economic health of America than the banking industry, and specifically, mortgage banking. The initial economic down turn that hurt our country occurred  more ...

Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. Improve Healthcare Ranking

From 2005 to 2010, the U.N. conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked  more...

Innovative Health and Technology Breakthroughs - Strategy for Implementation: How this Website Will Promote Innovation and the Methods Used to Help Reinvigorate the Economy

The purpose of this page is to explain how this site will promote innovation, but the conflict over the debt ceiling limit reveals the urgency for it. The nation is seeing things happen with Congress that it has never seen before with this crisis. Our economy had been placed in possible jeopardy because of it and it begs this question; could innovation eliminate the necessity for the debt ceiling while reducing the deficit? The answer to this question is yes, innovation can do this, and this debt ceiling controversy is letting us know that we can not allow the country to get in this position again, by continuing to do the same things and expecting different results.

Solutions for the categories we have outlined on the home page, the debt ceiling issue and other strategic problems, are here now. Some of them have been recently developed and some of them have been around for years. The problem has always been that the public at-large does not know about them. This is an effort to bring these solutions into plain view with a web site dedicated to this purpose; we are going to do so using the following methods:

A. Publicize and Capitalize Innovators. We have two major objectives for this effort. The first one is to provide a platform to bring these developments to the public at large, to create an awareness that generates a desire to try the technology and a demand for it because it is proven to work. We are going to be an advocate for innovation and those that produce it by providing a vehicle that helps them state their case to the public. No one entity can do it all, so we have committed ourselves to work with other media outlets, government agencies, educational, business and civic organizations to accomplish this. The natural progression of innovation is to make products or processes more efficient and less costly, which leads to choice and competition. The second object is to assist these entrepreneurs in obtaining access to capital. President  Barack Obama also stated in April 27, 2009, in his address to the National Academy of Science that, “Somewhere in America there is an entrepreneur seeking a loan to start a business that could transform an industry, but she hasn't secured it yet. Also, there is a researcher with an idea for an experiment that might offer a new cancer treatment, but he hasn't found funding yet.” Lack of access to capital has stopped too many viable innovations from getting off the ground. Too many times entrepreneurs have suffered from investors trying to take advantage of them or because fair-minded investors do not know about their next big breakthrough to participate. If the entrepreneurs on our web site have innovative technologies that can impact markets, benefit society, provide employment and handsome returns to investors, then everyone wins.

B. Removing the Obstacles for New Breakthroughs. Barriers to innovation often come from elitism and greed. “No way can they do this” or “We've always done things this way”, and the “Perception of significance” have caused entrepreneurs and inventors to have their projects unfairly prejudged and dismissed without having a fair hearing from those with influence. Also, “NIH” – Not Invented Here – has stopped valuable innovations from coming to the forefront, because the status quo could see how these new technologies could be superior to theirs and how they can lose market share. They have the economic and political power to stop their development and will do so by any means necessary. It's usually presented as concern for the public welfare. Virtually every breakthrough has opposition at first by experts in the same field, because it's not rational to expect a person or company to say yes when it's in their financial, political or professional best interests to say no. Results, not preservation of methodology, should have priority; either a product, technology or business model works or it does not. No company, corporation, industry, political party, or career should continue to be allowed to come before the well-being of the American people, by thwarting progress in the pursuit of their own self interests. We are going to use every center of influence in society to help us articulate these issues, and generate support for discoveries that can assist our country and other countries, in helping its people.

C. Education and Training. In not only dealing with academia, it must apply to informing the public about the significance of current and future discoveries. Too many Americans are not aware of the importance of Twitter, My Space and Face Book's role in what happened to change the government in Tunisia and Egypt, or the impact that the Internet and Social Web Sites are having in society around the world. We are going to explain what these developments mean and why it is necessary to keep abreast of the progression of innovation, in the various forms that it develops into. We are going to track innovation as it is presented and we want to work with government agencies and industry, to determine how they will evolve, and what will be the knowledge base and skill sets necessary to have employment in that technology, or to generate business opportunities. We are going to develop training material that helps young people, and retraining programs to help older workers, obtain this knowledge and these skill sets so they can be prepared for these jobs in new and “green” technology. We also plan to work with government agencies or educational institutions on refining a metric for skills assessment, to help people see where their strengths are. Finally, Andre Johnson, with his development of the KIDZ WIT program for teaching computer science to children while dramatically improving their academic performance, has helped us to see that the preparation of education can work in complete harmony with career development at an early age. He has shown how we can help our children to also cultivate critical thinking skills while developing academically. Young adults and older people can do the same if we refine academic/training programs to perform like KIDZ WIT, and embrace their natural abilities and interests. We want learning to have a new value system that is seen as being accessible despite ones age, so they can be truly competitive in this global economy.

D. Multiplier Effect – Reversing Job Outsourcing.  Make no mistake; job outsourcing is the action of those who have no leadership traits, and no plan of action to utilize or perfect the skills of their subordinates. They do not understand the incredible value of their people, how to make them more profitable for the firm, or the firm's operation more profitable. This is management that is not involved, that does not appreciate the concept of diminishing returns regarding outsourcing, and its impact with the development their market and their country. We want to be a catalyst to change this strategic error in judgment to restore economic viability, and we plan to use the Multiplier Effect in economics as one tool to do so.  In economics the Multiplier Effect refers to spending that leads to increased consumer spending that leads to increased national income; it refers to the “snowballing” effect of people who are employed that spend money, which creates more jobs to service those that are already employed; and also a process with the change in the injection of the flow of money that leads to a greater change in the Gross Domestic Product. All of these scenarios are possible with the advent of innovation because it can increase productivity while saving money. It can also greatly increase the circulation of money and resources, benefiting people, businesses and municipalities. A strategy that we want to employ with our country's manufacturing operations involves using innovation to help them reverse the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. We are going to utilize breakthroughs in energy technology to accomplish this. Soon a major development in alternative energy will be presented that will enable manufacturers to substantially reduce energy costs for their production facilities and for their shipping operations. We project the savings will greatly impact their profit margins so dramatically that it will mitigate the supposed savings differential in off shore manufacturing. This can allow them to restart manufacturing operations domestically, save also on international import costs, and revitalize the American workforce. This will have a major impact on the country economically. The Multiplier Effect states that for every dollar that is spent in a community it generates 2.2 dollars in economic activity in that community. The more that money is re-circulated in a community or country, the more it strengthens their economy. We also believe the American public are ready to support the company that engages in this act of goodwill to rebuild the country, and put our citizens back to work.

E. Emotional Aspect – Reduce The Fear Factor. As we have stated from the home page, it is necessary to deal with the message of negativity that is dominating the American public's attention, and show why it is not grounded in facts or logic. Continuously hearing that our country is in danger of collapsing can paralyze growth and retard the impetus we need for the economy to start reaching optimal expansion. The psychological fallout is consumers not spending, businesses not expanding, and investors not investing, activity needed to boost the economy; because of fear and uncertainty. In order for the goals that we are trying to achieve with this web site becoming a reality, this issue must be addressed head on. While there is legitimate concern for the possibility of unchecked deficits hurting the economy and the country, it is not realistic or fair to make it seem unavoidable when there are so many options to do so. In order for progress and positive change to become reality, those working for it must believe it can happen. We are launching a public relations campaign about this issue, along with the awareness of the web site, to combat the negative messaging about the economy. Every innovation that we will reveal on this site is going to be presented as a tool, among many tools, that we have to correct the national problem with the economy and deficits. We are going to accentuate the positive and work with every center of influence that wants to work with us, to impact the national consciousness and to change and solve the problems in front of us. It can happen.

F. Rating System. We are going to have a system that gives an assessment for effectiveness and value to each innovation that we present. The metrics for rating them will be numeric and alphabetical with evaluations for immediate and projected value. We are going to gauge the impact that they will have on jobs, health, education, industries, and society in general. Our goal is to build credibility by taking the time to examine each breakthrough presented to us before we present it to the public.

G. Promoting Priorities.The fact that our country is dealing with the challenges that can put is in jeopardy, is clear evidence that the well being of the American public was not a priority. What has been and still are priorities are personal careers, profits, and political advantage. For this web site, how much money a breakthrough can potentially make is not only what is important? What is important is how many people will it help? Inclusion is a measurement we will use for value. If the middle class and working poor can afford to obtain or have access to an innovation then that will be a determination of its benefit to the public, and possibly what is important to its developers. This is a standard that we will judge individuals, corporations, the political process and academia by and it can be used to judge us, in determining how committed we are to placing the priority on people instead of profit.

H. Promoting Innovative Thinking. The author and columnist, Thomas Friedman, wrote about Tony Wagner, the Harvard based education expert and author of “The Global Achievement Gap”. Mr. Wagner states that there are three basic skills students need if they want to thrive in a knowledge based economy: the ability to do critical thinking and problem solving; the ability to communicate effectively; and the ability to collaborate. We would add that there are grown people, in positions of authority, who are not manifesting these attributes, but the first attribute that Mr. Wagner lists is the ability to think. Working with entrepreneurs and inventors over the years and the task of creating this web site, has driven home the point to us its developers, about how crucial innovative thinkers are to society as a whole. This is how products, knowledge, and society improves and advances. This is what compels the world to knock on a country's door to buy, trade or learn. We need innovative thinkers now to move the country forward; not rhetoric, slogans, fabricated accusations, or solutions based on fallacious logic. We need thinkers that not only know how to come up with innovation, but also know how to implement it into action that produces results. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently wrote on how India is losing customer service jobs from American corporations, but they are moving forward anyhow, because they are training their people on better paying back office work, including software development and accounting. We need to do the same thing and more.

Too many times innovators have been rejected because others could not see the importance of what they were proposing: Read about Bill Gates experience in starting Microsoft.  We are committed to not making the same mistake; we are going to be a repository for innovative thinking. If you have an innovative idea or if you know someone or a company that has an idea or breakthrough that can impact society for the better; contact us, we would like to help make it happen. To reach us click here.