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Click here to view water treatment demonstration.

Conquest Global Technology
Conquest Global Technology

Conquest Global Technology, Inc, of Atlanta, Georgia, is a major reason why technology innovation needs access to a medium that informs the public of their existence. Conquest has developed a system for water and sewage treatment that is so advanced that when they demonstrate it they use water that they deliberately poison with dirty motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze and arsenic. They proceed to clean it, without using chlorine, into water people can drink; which the observers of this technology demonstration proceed to do. In repeated demonstrations they have cleaned worst case contaminated water to level of the cleanest bottled water.

They have achieved these accomplishments because their engineering team is brilliant. They have invented a process for regenerating activated carbon, which is the best filtering source available but impractically expensive. The conventional process used for cleaning activated carbon is burning it to clean off the impurities. This process reduces its efficiency dramatically so that it can only be used a few times more and then thrown away. Conquest has developed a process for regenerating activated carbon back to 100% efficiency indefinitely, without damaging it. This means it would be economically feasible for municipalities to buy it one time and use it forever. They have also discovered a process for increasing the efficiency of ozone, a gas that is a superior disinfectant, with a catalyst that increases the contact time with ozone and elevates its efficiency by 350%. This means it can effectively kill any bacteria or virus in water without leaving dangerous chemical residue in it, as chlorine does. These combined technological improvements now make it possible for municipalities to have the finest water purification process, affordably. It is comparable to being able to have a Ferrari with a $100 monthly payment.    

Conquest Global Technology They have further presented the effectiveness of their invention by extracting water from raw sewage mixed with dirty motor oil, gasoline and anti-freeze at a municipal sewage treatment plant; the observers of this demonstration drank the water (including this writer), the plant's laboratory tested it and verified that all harmful metals, parasites, viruses and bacteria were completely removed and declared this treated sewage water cleaner than municipal drinking water. The average water treatment facilities in America can remove less than 200 contaminants; the systems of this company can remove close to 4000. There is no water sewage treatment facility in the country that could handle the type of contamination used in the demonstration.

 The natural progression of technology is for its efficiency to increase while its costs decrease. The first computers were large enough to fit against a wall, while modern more powerful units fit into the palm of your hand. Conquest has followed this pattern. They have developed a more effective means for removing the solid waste in sewage plants with a specially designed clarifier. Conventional clarifiers are huge saucer shaped waste collecting containers that sit on an area the size of a football field. Conquest has designed a clarifier that can treat the same volume of sewage of a city or county as conventional clarifiers, but they can sit on the back of a flat-bed tractor trailer. As the population increases, a municipality does not need more land; they can just get more flat-bed trailers. The water treatment unit that Conquest uses for demonstrations sits on a 28 foot trailer, but it can treat water in volume large enough for a small town.

 The technology created by this company will be a breakthrough in treating water or sewage for municipalities; a plant could be one third the size, one fifth the annual operating cost and one third the construction time of conventional water/sewer treatment plants, it can completely eliminate sewage spills, it can conserve water by safely and cost effectively recycling sewage into pure drinking water; and now thankfully, it can produce a technological solution to possibly cleanup oil spills. Water treatment professionals who have observed this technology have called it, "Light years ahead of anything in the rest of the country.

Clean water and the access to it will soon be as major an issue as oil. America and other countries are experiencing water shortages that can be potentially devastating. The Natural Resources Defense Council has issued a report identifying 30 US cities that are in danger of running out of water. The Environmental Working Group released a study showing that drinking water in 35 cities around the country contain the contaminant hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen made famous in the movie “Erin Brockovich”. While municipalities around the country are interested in conducting pilot studies to see how Conquest's technology can serve them, they have continuously proven their ability to innovatively think outside the box by producing equipment that works beyond the level of conventional engineering. Conquest has safely and repeatedly, purified water contaminated enough to kill someone and they are credible when they say that they have an engineering plan to salvage and conserve the country's water resources, while cleaning the environment with better sewage treatment. Considering what is happening in our cities it would be practical to investigate what that plan is, and what would it take to make it happen. Those interested in contacting them can do so at 678-571-4999 or