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New Energy Company Ready to Stimulate Jobs and the Economy ...Right Now!

From Over two years ago, the concept for this site was developed with the hope of finding technology innovations that could help the country in multiple areas especially when the need for them would be the most urgent.  more ...

NACA – Innovatively Saving the American Dream:
Providing Consumer-Friendly Mortgages &
Stopping Home Foreclosures

Besides job development, there is no other category that is more crucial to the economic health of America than the banking industry, and specifically, mortgage banking. The initial economic down turn that hurt our country occurred  more ...

Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. Improve Healthcare Ranking

From 2005 to 2010, the U.N. conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked  more...

What If? – Employment

Question: What if you lose your job? What do you do?

Answer: This is information that one needs to be aware of before you need it, so you can have an organized plan of action if it happens. Examine the following strategies for employment:

  1. Determine which way your company is headed; to ascertain if it is in a temporary decline and you might be able to get your job back, or if it is in permanent decline and time to look for other employment.

  1. Review your skills and the field that you are in, determine if they are in demand in this economy.

  1. Look at firms and industries that appear to be strong and growing in this economy, decide whether or not your skill sets are compatible with them. If not, can you be adaptable and learn these skills in a timely manner? Use libraries and the Internet.

  1. Update your Curriculum Vita (not a resume´). It is worthwhile to research the difference.

  1. Start networking; with friends, businesses, vendors, customers of your employer, etc. Utilize all contacts with you whom may have access to find other job opportunities.

  1. Practice successful interview techniques and do thorough research about every company that you will interview with, before you interview. Use libraries and the Internet. Apply for 3 to 5 positions every week.

  1. Are you computer literate and have access to the Internet? If not, arrange to do so immediately. Most state employment offices will allow job-hunters to have access to computers, faxes and copiers in their effort to obtain employment.

Examine the following strategies for financial stabilization:

  1. Find out what is your total severance package including, vacation pay, sick pay, service pay, pension and 401-K.

  1. If your dismissal is not in writing, document in writing the meeting, the people in attendance, and everything that was discussed.

  1. Ask for your total severance package on the same day of dismissal to enable immediate filing for unemployment benefits. If your former employer procrastinates in payment of your total package, write to the state employment office to notify them of this and then file for unemployment.

  1. Go on an emergency budget and cut unnecessary luxuries that are not affordable.

  1. Notify your mortgage company or landlord about your situation to see if a payment plan can happen.

  1. Contact your bank to have all debits to your accounts canceled. The focus must be on accessible cash flow to keep you sustained until your next job is found.