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New Energy Company Ready to Stimulate Jobs and the Economy ...Right Now!

From Over two years ago, the concept for this site was developed with the hope of finding technology innovations that could help the country in multiple areas especially when the need for them would be the most urgent.  more ...

NACA – Innovatively Saving the American Dream:
Providing Consumer-Friendly Mortgages &
Stopping Home Foreclosures

Besides job development, there is no other category that is more crucial to the economic health of America than the banking industry, and specifically, mortgage banking. The initial economic down turn that hurt our country occurred  more ...

Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. Improve Healthcare Ranking

From 2005 to 2010, the U.N. conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked  more...

What If? Finance/Banking:

Question: What if you are behind your mortgage payments and are in danger of facing foreclosure; what should you do?

Answer: Before you get behind in your mortgage payments you should contact your bank/mortgage holder and let them know that you are going to have difficulty making your payments. You may have a change in your financial circumstances and you should ask for their assistance in getting a modification on your loan. A modification is a restructuring of the loan to that allows you to make your payments with the changes in your financial situation. If you have experienced a reduction in your income, this can help you to change your payment schedule and make affordable payments with your present income. If you have lost your job you should especially tell them about it so you may ask for their assistance in obtaining a forbearance. A forbearance allows you to temporarily suspend your mortgage payments to allow you time to get another job and resume your payments.

There are programs available now to stop foreclosures and they are supported by the government. There is motivation now to stop the onslaught of foreclosures, but there are steps that one should take and those that one should avoid. Do talk to your mortgage holder about your finances and do get information about programs that can help you. Do not deal with any company or organization that requires money up front for their help in stopping foreclosures: And do not deal with anyone that approaches you about quick selling your house to avoid a foreclosure on your credit or buying it from you so you can buy it back from them a later date. Also, bankruptcy may not be your immediately best option. Take the time to get information about your options, it´s out there.

To read about NACA on our website click here, to go to NACA's website click here. They have been stopping foreclosures for years, FREE OF CHARGE.