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New Energy Company Ready to Stimulate Jobs and the Economy ...Right Now!

From Over two years ago, the concept for this site was developed with the hope of finding technology innovations that could help the country in multiple areas especially when the need for them would be the most urgent.  more ...

NACA – Innovatively Saving the American Dream:
Providing Consumer-Friendly Mortgages &
Stopping Home Foreclosures

Besides job development, there is no other category that is more crucial to the economic health of America than the banking industry, and specifically, mortgage banking. The initial economic down turn that hurt our country occurred  more ...

Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. Improve Healthcare Ranking

From 2005 to 2010, the U.N. conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked  more...

Health and Wellness Introduction – Why This Section Was Developed

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“Health Care´s Link to Poverty” –

The title of this article represents the reason we have an urgency to develop this section on Health and Wellness. Mr. Anirudh Krishna, an associate professor at Duke University´s Sanford School of Public Policy, wrote this article in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution newspaper in September of this year. The title exemplifies what is plaguing this country, and how the cost of health care is contributing to driving part of the American public into financial ruin. Mr. Krishna also wrote a book titled, “One Illness Away: Why People Become Poor and How They Escape Poverty.” He states, “High health care costs are the primary reason behind the wave of personal bankruptcies.” A recent cancer “breakthrough” costs $90,000; how many can afford it?

Mr. Krishna also says, “Compared with other rich countries, the United States has one of the greatest numbers of people living in poverty, as well as a high risk of becoming poor. Why is that? Countries that do not have affordable health care have high rates of poverty, no matter how high their rate of economic growth or their level of wealth. By contrast, those richer countries that have the lowest poverty rates also have universal health care coverage. There is no exception.”

Personal finances are not the only thing that could be in jeopardy for the American people; unfortunately, their lives can be included in this scenario. Dr. Linda Peeno, testified before Congress in 1996 about her work as a medical reviewer for a health insurance company. Her job was to approve or reject a payment claim for treatment of the company´s policy holders. She primarily rejected the claims because it generated greater profits and personal compensation; but one of the policy holders died. Her regret was expressed during her testimony and she made the following statement, “I know how managed care maims and kills patients. So I am here to tell you about the dirty work of managed care, and I am haunted by the thousands of pieces of paper in which I have written that deadly word; denied.” Dr. Peeno stated in a 2007 interview that the financial, health and mortality circumstances for the American people were even worse than when she first exposed it in 1996.

It is unconscionable that people in America, or anywhere, because of illness are losing their financial security, health and life, just because they cannot afford medical treatment; and corporate profits are deemed to be more important. This is a situation that can no longer be tolerated.

Innovations are out there that can shift the health care advantage to the people. There are breakthroughs in alternative products, methodologies and technologies in health care that have been researched and in use for years, decades and some cases, centuries. They have restored the health of individuals and have brought some back from the edge of death. The problem is that alternative health and wellness products have all been grouped together so that the legitimate ones are penalized with fraudulent ones; and legal roadblocks reinforce this action. This has been patently unfair because drugs that later were found to be dangerous and whose claims were false, are regularly grouped with drugs that actually work.

We, the organizers of this web site, encourage you not to take our word about the truthfulness of the claims about these companies and their products. We urge you to research this information for your self and see if their claims are valid. The creators of this new web site believe if a product is proven to work and actually helps people, and if it is priced so the middle class and working poor can afford it, then it deserves to be presented to the public.

Click here for alternative health care information.