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New Energy Company Ready to Stimulate Jobs and the Economy ...Right Now!

From Over two years ago, the concept for this site was developed with the hope of finding technology innovations that could help the country in multiple areas especially when the need for them would be the most urgent.  more ...

NACA – Innovatively Saving the American Dream:
Providing Consumer-Friendly Mortgages &
Stopping Home Foreclosures

Besides job development, there is no other category that is more crucial to the economic health of America than the banking industry, and specifically, mortgage banking. The initial economic down turn that hurt our country occurred  more ...

Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. Improve Healthcare Ranking

From 2005 to 2010, the U.N. conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked  more...

What If? Health Issues

Question: What if you contract a virus or bacteria that are uncontrollable with antibiotics? What do you do?

Answer: Viruses and bacteria are evolving considerably at faster rates beyond the ability of antibiotics to stop them. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, roughly 100,000 people a year are dying from infections contracted in U.S. Hospitals. MRSA – the flesh eating bacteria, is among the most virulent that one can contract; if an antibiotic can not stop it then the only conventional option is to surgically cut it out or amputation. Hygiene is one of the best front-line defenses for infection. But if one suspects they are infected by bacteria or a virus they should immediately contact their doctor. They should be examined to determine what type of infection they have and what type of antibiotic could treat it.

If super antibiotics cannot, and if one would naturally want to avoid a possible mutilating surgery, then there is a remaining option. It would be to do research to find out if there is a product that can effectively kill bacteria and viruses without fail, without any side-effects. To get information about this issue, please click here.