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This Technology Innovation Will Revolutionize the Food and Restaurant Industry and it Provides an Example for How to Rebuild the Economy and Cut the Deficit

This article explains what the technology is that was used by these businesses, how it worked, and how it economically effected their operations. Reading it will explain how the US economy, or your business, can be comparatively effected the same way, in the summary at the bottom of this page.

Valerie Taylor Innovation can change circumstances and one of the most shining examples of this premise is Enagic International, the parent company of Enagic USA, the manufacturers of the Kangen Water machines. This patented innovation produces arguably the finest technology for changing tap water into healthy alkaline water. Ms. Valerie Taylor, a Certified Nutritionist and Kangen Water Distributor, gave us an interview about the application of this technology for the Food and Restaurant industry.

What is Kangen Water and how does it work?

Ms. Taylor: Kangen Water is a technology that was invented over 30 years ago in Japan by the Enagic Corporation. They developed a filtration machine that puts an electrical charge on water, that goes through specially designed plates that remove contaminates and adds minerals to it. It then splits the water molecules into negative, acidic water and positive, alkaline water; this allows the owner of the machine to control the water's pH level. The water becomes highly antioxidant which helps your cells and immune system, and it becomes micro-clustered. This allows the water to go into all the body's cells while carrying medicine or nutrients from food or supplements, and it removes waste. All of this effects the body's alkaline/pH balance.

How is Kangen Water's technology being used in the restaurant industry?

Ms. Taylor: This was introduced at distributors meeting in California. Another distributor who has a marketing company, had the idea to contact restaurant owners and asked them to try this technology in their operations. Owners with restaurants in California and Illinois agreed and they used it to cook with, to clean and disinfect their restaurants and to clean and decontaminate food. The results were dramatic and they were taped and produced on a DVD.

Kangen Water changes and improves the taste of food. The change in the pH level intensifies the natural flavor of food in a way that tap water does not. This is what the restaurant owners had to say.

Mr. Fedil Mehmedi, the owner of Gill's Diner in Machesney Park, Illinois, said, “I tried the water by cooking a beef stew; with one using tap water with spices and seasonings and the Kangen Water using no spices or seasonings. The stew with Kangen Water tasted better than the stew with tap water and my wife could not believe that I used only Kangen Water for that stew.” This gave him the confirmation for using the water in his restaurant.

Ms. Lynn Mikelatos, the owner of The Greek At The Harbor restaurant in Ventura, California. She said, “We've noticed that a lot of people are saying, 'Did you get a new chef? We've noticed that things taste better; they've always been good but they just taste better.' Then I share with them that we are actually using the Kangen Water in the preparation of the food and cleaning the vegetables.”

Mr. Frank Vakhshoury, the owner of Reyhan Persian Grill in Culver City, California, stated, “ I was first told about a machine that could change the taste and the pH of the water. I really wanted to learn more about it. They brought me the machine and did a demonstration here at the restaurant. Within 20 minutes I was convinced that this was the machine that I really needed to use for the restaurant. A lot of it had to do with my background in chemistry, in knowing that the pH of the water is very critical for cooking and cleaning.”

Mr. Enzo DeMuro, the owner of the L 'Opera restaurant in Long Beach, California said this, “ I was introduced to the Kangen Water by my business partner. At first I was skeptical, but I tried it and the food tasted better; we clean the floors with it and the restaurant with it. The water affects the restaurant in every single phase of what we do, of all our operations. Here at L 'Opera quality means everything to us and I really feel that Kangen Water elevates the quality of what we do.”

Mr. Mehmedi also stated, “ We've increased the business in this restaurant. Two years ago was our worst year. Last year I had the best year that I've had in 23 years in business, in this economy, and I think that has a great deal to do with the Kangen machine; the Kangen water has increased the traffic.”

How can this technology fully impact the food and restaurant industry?

Ms. Taylor: In a number of ways. The machine has six different settings for controlling pH so it enables the owners to use it for a wide variety of needs. It makes food taste better which helps to increase customer traffic; the water cleans and disinfects to meet Health Department standards without chemicals or leaving toxic residues, which saves money; it removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables; it tenderizes meat while cleaning it; it concentrates the strength of spices and products so that less is used, which saves money and can make foods healthier by using less sodium; it cuts cooking time, which saves money on energy; it prolongs food freshness which saves money from product spoilage; and it provides a cleaner and safer environment and products for the public.

If a person has anything to do with the food industry from restaurants, to bakeries, bars, or food processing operations, this technology is going to greatly impact your business and your bottom line. It would be worth it to see this 15 minute DVD to hear the details of how it did for these other restaurant owners.

How this technology provides an example to rebuild the economy and cut the deficit

Without any doubt, the Kangen Water opportunity illustrates how innovation can change the circumstances for a business or a country. Every restaurant owner in this article experienced the same thing with the following results:

  • They were all open to accepting a technology solution that worked, for use in their businesses

  • They all were able to reduce spending, without having to sacrifice anything that they needed for their operations, because the technology helped them to do it

  • They all were able to stabilize and GROW their businesses because of technology, even though some had prior declines in business revenue

  • They were able to improve their products and operations because of technology, which increased their competitive edge

  • They were able to save money for reinvesting back into their operations

  • They all increased their revenue streams because of technology in spite of a depressed economy

If the country employed the same strategies as these business owners, we could receive the same results. We can reduce spending because of innovation without inflicting hurt or deprivation on vulnerable segments of the population. Innovation can save money for it to be reinvested back into GROWING our economy, even now, to create jobs. Innovation can help municipalities cut spending and still provide crucial services for its citizens. Innovation, when it is really significant, creates a market demand for it which will expand revenue opportunities for businesses and government. If all of these measures were set into motion, it would be impossible for the country to be on a path to economic ruin and debt, because the right innovation can change that scenario. It is the objective of us, the developers of this web site, to see this change take place.

If you are interested in how to obtain this technology for your business or background information about the Kangen water business opportunity, please click here.