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Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. Improve Healthcare Ranking

From 2005 to 2010, the U.N. conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked  more...

Valerie Taylor, Certified Nutritionist Conducts Study of Negative Ionized Water to Assist the U.S. in Improving its Healthcare Ranking

Valerie Taylor
Valerie Taylor From 2005 to 2010, the United Nations conducted a study on the life expectancy for nations around the world. Some countries were industrialized and some were Third World developing nations, but the information gathered was shocking. Of the top 50 nations studied the country ranked number one with the highest life expectancy was Japan, but America's ranking was only number thirty eight; one point below Cuba. In 2010 the Commonwealth Fund, a private U.S. foundation whose purpose is to work towards a high-performing healthcare system, also conducted a study. They discovered that out of seven major industrialized countries, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States; the U.S. healthcare system was rated last compared to all of those countries in Quality, Efficiency, Equity, and Healthy Lives.

And the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health that shows America is paying more for healthcare than any other industrialized nation in the world – 53% more than Switzerland, the next highest country- underscores the inescapable fact that we have a problem.

The knowledge of these problems partly motivated Valerie Taylor to start working in the healthcare industry; she became a certified nutritionist, she is working towards her certification as a fitness trainer, and she is working with an international healthcare corporation that has an advanced technology for medical treatment. Ms. Taylor's other motivation for becoming involved in healthcare, was because of her experience with this technology helping her with her personal medical issues. To read about her testimony click here.

The Enagic Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, was started in 1974 with the objective to develop a technology that can create the highest quality of water to improve and preserve the health of humanity. The technical quality of the products Enagic has manufactured are so high that the government of Japan, through their Ministry of Health and Welfare, declared them to be licensed and certified medical treatment devices in 1987. Japan's medical community has been using this technology, in hospitals and in private homes, to treat and cure disease for over 30 years. The Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases, one of the country's major medical associations, has endorsed the use of Enagic's water treatment machines.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya has a resume' that is staggering in its content and description of his accomplishments. He has been educated in Japan and America, he practices and teaches medicine in both countries. He developed the field of Colonoscopic Surgery and performed the first non-invasive colon surgery (The Shinya Technique). In his books, The Microbe Factor and The Enzyme Factor, he writes about the quality of the water produced by this technology, “(This water) is alkaline rich (pH 8-9), and is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.”

Dr Hiromi Shinya -- Colon therapy

This is a video of the research done with an advanced water technology by Dr. Heroni Shinya

Valerie Taylor brings this into better focus, “This water is Kangen Water and it is produced by electrolysis. This is water that is electrically charged because it has come

in contact with specially engineered filters that remove pollution and toxins, while it

discharges minerals into it. But most importantly, it splits the water's molecules which allows for an ionic or negative charge to attach to it, and the machine allows the owner to control the water's pH level. This process is what gives the water its benefits that Dr. Shinya describes in his books.”

When asked about the research that has been conducted with this technology she replied, “Some of the best minds in science and medicine in Japan have researched this product and the studies have been extensive. The results they obtained in treating a wide range of diseases is why the product received the government's medical certification.”

She was asked what were her objectives for organizing her study. She stated, “The information on how the country has fallen behind in healthcare is a motivation, and when I see how this water helped me with my physical problems, I want to help other people receive the same results. I plan to have a minimum of 100 people be a part of this study for three weeks. I have a questionnaire that they fill out before they start that describes their physical problems and one they will fill out at the end that measures their progress. Most of their ailments are linked to water related solutions. When one's body becomes acidic because of the pH and oxygen levels being out of balance, the water can correct that problem. This not speculation, Enagic has been proving this for more than thirty years. Their research has proven that Kangen water has major health benefits and this is the foundation that I am standing on with this study.”

“I started it in February 25th and the individuals that have become involved have all seen results. They are reporting improvements with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraines, constipation, sleeping problems, and one person who was scheduled for surgery because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome canceled it because of the improvements she has obtained. People in this business in other parts of the country have started their own studies and they are seeing improvements with cancer patients. I wanted to have a visual presence here in Metro-Atlanta that shows this technology can work.”

“This is my mission in life, to help people learn about the importance of this water and become healthier, and also learn about the financial benefits that this business has to offer.”

If you are interested in how to obtain this technology, contact Ms. Valerie Taylor by e-mail at Or if you want more background informatio, please click on any of the links below.