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Breakthrough –

Willie Blanks, Brother Of Tae-Bo Creator, Billy Blanks, Stands On His Own To Launch
“The First Complete Fitness Program”

In the fitness world the name Blanks is a well known quantity. The success that Billy Blanks has achieved in creating and marketing the Tae-Bo fitness program around the world is undeniable because it has generated sales in the billions of dollars.

Willie Blanks
Willie Blanks Now another Blanks in this family known for fitness, martial arts and movies, is stepping out with his own fitness program, and it´s being done by the one member of the family that would seem the least likely to do so. Willie Blanks is the first member of the family to graduate from college. His degree in accounting from Gannon University in their hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania prepared him for a career in finance and business. He did work for accounting firms and corporations, but when his company, PNC Bank, downsized his department in 1994, that is when he decided to look at becoming involved in the fitness industry.

While visiting his family in California, his brother Billy taught him a program he called at the time, “Ka-Robics”, which is a combination of karate movements and aerobics, a precursor to Tai-Bo. Learning these moves came naturally to him because athletic ability is natural in his family. All of the boys were outstanding basketball players. He perfected kick boxing techniques while combining them with step aerobics, and incorporated weight lifting to have a well-rounded exercise program. But he instinctively knew that the physical aspect of an exercise routine was not enough, he needed a mental and spiritual component to make it complete.

The spiritual component was easy because his parents, Mabeline and Isaac Blanks, raised him and his 14 brothers and sisters in the Pentecostal/Apostolic Church with a respect for the principles of commitment through spirituality. He realized he needed a methodology that compelled students to use their mind and thought processes to stick with a commitment to fitness, just as people use spiritual principles to make a commitment to their religious beliefs, an act of their own will. He concluded that this whole effort should be defined by the name of the program. He chose the name “WILLINETICS” and it has nothing to do with his name. He said, “The name is a composite of three definitions that perfectly described my program. It starts with the word Will, which is defined as ´the abstract place where we decide to have a cause and effect´. I used the word I defined as ´I, meaning you and I must make a continuous effort to evaluate my thought life´. No one can do this for us, and the term Netics is used as the equivalent of the Greek word ´noesis´ which means ´concepts of the thought process and cognition´. To sum it all up, each of us are the product of our thoughts, positive or negative. I chose the word ´Willinetics´ to sum up all of these parameters and to be seen as a fitness program that helps people to recognize the power of the human psyche when properly understood and trained.”

Willie states that by engaging the mental process, it helps people to be successful in achieving fitness when they have not been previously, because of lack of motivation or the fear of failure. He starts his classes by lecturing for five minutes on the importance of developing one´s will to be successful and the following results his students have obtained can be legitimately classified as an innovation breakthrough.

JoAnne Painter

Dr. JoAnne Painter, Psychiatrist – At the age of 69 she was physically frail and she wanted to be stronger. Willie´s training program helped her to dramatically reverse her physical condition so that at age 81 she can bench press 100 pounds and do military push-ups. She loves being physically self reliant and handles her own baggage when traveling. She calls Willinetics, “Medicine for my mind and body.”

Linny Morris Linny Morris– Linny has lost over 175 pounds, can bench press 125 lbs. and can do 50 military push-ups. She has maintained her size since losing the weight and credits Willinetics with helping her achieve her goal. Due to deterioration in her back, spine, and hip area, she has not been able to continue her workout regimen. However, she still believes that Willinetics still is the complete fitness program that helped change her life.

Lori Decker
Lori Decker – Age 48, lost 40 pounds, now weighs 117 lbs. She can bench press 140 pounds and can do 50 military push-ups.

Halle Barbato Halle Barbato – Formerly suffered with anorexia – “What can I say. Well, Willie helped me to see that you can be too thin, so I gained 10 lbs. Of lean muscle. I believe the internal view of ourselves is very important, because it helps us to shape our external view.”

Jen Comstock
Jen Comstock – Lost over 125 lbs. And is still pressing towards her overall goal of health, fitness, and most of all, mental awareness. She says, “I employ the philosophy of Willinetics to become the individual I was meant to be, which is Absolutely Unstoppable.”

Willie has indeed produced a fitness program that meets diversified needs for fitness. It helps people who need to lose weight, it helps people that needs to increase their body strength and fitness, it helps those that are older to reach areas of strength and fitness that are beyond the norm, and the other innovation is that it helps people to gain weight that suffer with anorexia and bulimia. His students are teen-agers, young adults, and older people. His students that happen to be grandmothers have displayed amazing levels of fitness in demonstrations, where they are able to do more regular sit-ups and push-ups than the strongest high school football players. Another major benefit is in how healthcare costs are greatly reduced with his students because of how their fitness levels are increased. All of these benefits need to be realized in our population as a whole to mitigate debilitating disease and prohibitive healthcare costs.

Willie Blanks is a former minister, accountant and banker, so his educational background compels him to take an intellectual approach to what he does in fitness. He stated, “I have found through 30 years of ministry and working in corporate America, that most people are unable to control the thoughts, images, and emotions that flow through their minds. The mind is the place where we all exist, live, and fight the battles of life. With the American people disproportionately falling victim to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other crippling diseases, that can be brought under control simply through exercise and a healthy diet, you could say that we are losing this mental and physical battle. I developed this program because I did not see any popular wellness programs, other than Yoga, that dealt with fitness for the entire being.

We have to change our thinking because we expect every thing to be instantaneous, and I tell my students that there is no such thing as having instantaneous weight loss and maintaining it. Fitness equipment and diet pills, only assist in maintaining a healthy body. The final solution is in conditioning the mind to follow healthy thinking. All negative thinking, images, and emotions must be expelled from our minds and our thought processes. As you can see, this kind of fitness program is rather unique.”

Willie trains students six days a week, when asked how does he keep up his hectic schedule he replied, “I am 52 and my advance classes are high intensity for someone half my age, much less the same age as myself. Over the years this amount of exercise had taken a toll on my joints and I developed arthritis in my right hip, so I´ve had to practice what I preach. I eat a healthy diet and I started taking supplements to help me repair my body from the stress that I put it through. Nutronix has three products that I take without fail, Coral Calcium, Cell Food, and The NEW Silver Solution. They help me to recover and function at a high level of proficiency. In the past I would take pain and anti-inflammatory pills, and Advil daily to teach my class. Now I only need an Advil once a week for minimal discomfort.”

When asked what his goals are considering the success that his brother Billy had with Tae-Bo he said, “I have a variety of projects that I am seeking funding for and I want to use multiple media sources to market them. I want to do a thirty minute morning fitness show titled, “Wake Up With Willie” that will be unique and that will provide information on health and mental awareness as well as exercise. I have written 13 books that specifically address these areas and I want to make them available to the public, as they are all motivational and inspirational. Finally, I want to create an infomercial for “Willinetics”, and I have a special exercise routine that I want to promote and dedicate directly to the church community, as well as one for the secular community.

But concerning my business project being compared to Billy´s, I am really not trying to compete. My primary driver in reaching for personal financial success is centered on helping and taking care of my family. My mother used to preach to us that family should always stick together and come first in all that we do. So my son and daughter, my 13 brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and all of the grandchildren in the family are my motivation to set this right, and help them financially, especially with the stressful uncertainties in this weak economy.”

Some experts in the fitness industry have stated that Willinetics could be as big, if not bigger than, Tae-Bo, which grossed over $2.6 billion in sales worldwide. The innovation of Willinetics comes from the diversity of people that it can impact from older people to young people. This is in harmony with our First Lady, Michelle Obama´s goal for improving the diets and fitness levels of our country´s children. Willie´s motto is “You´ve Got To Change Your Mind To Change Your Body”, and he is showing by example and with the people that he touches, that change is possible if you think you can do it. If you would like to book Willie for special events, contact him or obtain further information about Willinetics, please go to or he can be reached at his Fitness Center at 814-454-0975. Also check-out his FaceBook and LinkIn pages. The username for both is