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Poetic Justice – This Actress From The Movie “The Color Purple”, Creates a Beauty Innovation to Protect Women's Health

She will be known forever for what she accomplished as a child in her role as Young “Celie” in the movie “The Color Purple”; but what she is accomplishing as an adult will be even greater in magnitude.
more ...

Entrepreneur Develops Innovative Program Training Kids In Computer Technology, While Making Them Straight A Students

This entrepreneur is empowering children to perform ahead of the curve technologically and academically. This is how he began...

Willie Blanks, Brother of Tae-Bo Creator, Billy Blanks, Launches 1st Complete Fitness Program

Now another Blanks in this family known for fitness, martial arts and movies, is stepping out with his own fitness program, and it´s being done by the one member of the family that would seem the least likely to do so. Willie Blanks is the first member of the family to graduate from college. His degree  more...

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