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About Us

This web site has been created and organized by New Wave Health and Technology, LLC., a marketing company based in Atlanta, GA, comprised of individuals with extensive backgrounds in dealing with the discovery and promotion, of innovative products and technology geared towards benefiting society. The organizers of this company have been at the forefront of this activity with a collective experience totaling over 50 years. The primary objective of New Wave Health and Technology is to promote innovative technologies and processes that absolutely work, to alleviate the problems that plague our country and the world. This entails practical innovation. We've developed this website also to present new breakthroughs in innovation and technology that will stimulate the economy and create jobs and to specifically help the middle-class, the poor, the elderly, the veterans and municipalities.


To show the diversity of breakthroughs that we know of; in Energy, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Infrastructure, with more categories to come, and how they can help grow the economy, reduce debt, and cut spending. To also reveal how innovation can help to solve the “fiscal cliff” and “debt ceiling” without hurting people or the economy.


New Wave Health and Technology, LLC., is the Atlanta, GA, based marketing company behind this website. Detailed articles that reveal how each innovation will help society, are introduced here. Carriell, Inc., is an alternative energy company with a new “Green” technology that can turn sewage into high-grade diesel and jet fuel in 15 seconds, with an advanced manufacturing process that costs less than anyone in the oil or bio-fuel industry. Their fuel can be as much as 30% below market rate, it is inexhaustible and will positively impact the entire economy.

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