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Valerie Taylor Ms. Valerie Taylor, a Certified Nutritionist and a distributor for Kangen Water, consented to give an in-depth interview on the financial viability of operating a Kangen Water distribution business. Please read this interview to find out the basics of how this business works and information on how to become involved. A major business opportunity has developed with this technology that will revolutionize the Food and Restaurant Industry. For information about it and how to become involved please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Why is a Kangen Water distributorship an effective business enterprise?

Ms. Taylor – Because it is marketed through network marketing which has proven itself over the years, as an effective means of using the process of word-of-mouth to successfully sell products. Also, Mr. Paul Zane Pilzer, an economist, author and an authority on the Health and Wellness industry, has predicted that the value of this industry, which is 500 trillion dollars in 2011, will grow to 1,000 trillion dollars in 5 years.

What is the reason behind this type of growth?

Ms. Taylor – Baby boomers. People 50 to 60 years old whose health is not good are turning to the Health and Wellness industry as an alternative source for healthcare, because conventional medicine is not completely delivering results. There are too many independent studies on healthcare outcomes by countries that reveal we are towards the bottom of list. Water is the greatest health product because it is essential for human health and the quality of the water is essential. For over 30 years, the finest medical minds in Japan have been studying its effectiveness for treating disease, and their government has certified the machines that make Kangen Water as medical treatment devices. They have proven that good water is as important as good food. You don't compare potato chips to vegetables and you should not compare all water as being the same simply because they are wet.

Too many people have poor health and disease is increasing in our country, we need alternatives for dealing with this. Also, when the economy is bad, the activity for network marketing businesses increase, because people need extra sources of income. So our present economic situation indicates that this is why the Health and Wellness industry will double in five years, which would make this the perfect time to be in this business.

How is the compensation plan structured for this business?

Ms. Taylor – It has been designed to be a “win-win” proposition for the distributors and the company. The company chose not to market this technology through conventional retail route. They chose network marketing because they want their distributors to be educators as well as advertisers. We share the information about the importance of Kangen Water and the research behind it with the public. People are listening and they try it; they see the change that the water gives them and they are responding to it.

Concerning compensation, sixty five percent of the sale of the units go to the distributors. This sales commission is extremely high in multilevel marketing. It has a progression down-line, when you start making bonuses it pays to infinite; no limit. We are a member of the DSA – the Direct Selling Association, which is a big deal because a company is investigated for its ethics and the level of trust that is generated by their operation with the public. Not every company that applies is accepted.

A persons goals are the only limitation for how well they want to be paid. You can make a few hundred a month for a car payment, a few thousand a month for a house payment, and if you would like to be wealthy, you can do that as well. We have distributors that make well over one million dollars annually. It pays daily, we have a three day return policy and after seven days payment is issued. This can happen every business day of the week. We also use the power of the Internet by employing various communications technologies, including webinars, which is like an online seminar.

What is the limitation for where you can do business?

Ms. Taylor – You can sell and market this technology anywhere in the world. The company will build machines to account for the specifications of any country's electrical system and water quality. We have offices throughout the U.S. in California, Hawaii, New York, Texas, and Virginia. Water is an element that we must have to live. The company has over 30 years of research that proves this water can deal with disease and promote health in the human body. This is an unchangeable fact and it is not hard to sell the concept or operate this business if you want to do it and help people.

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